Euspray’ self cleaning filters are designed to remove all suspended solids in liquids used in industrial processes, water recycling, refining liquids and so on.

The considerable experience gained through the years of presence in the market, allows to Euspray filters to cover most user needs, also with products designed for each application.

Filtri Autopulenti Euspray

Euspray‘ filters are suitable for water treatments in following applications:

- Pre-filtration for ultra filtration systems

- Pre-filtration  for reverse osmosis plants

- Pre-filtration of water treatment plants

- Process waters

- Cooling towers

- Heat exchangers

- Irrigation

- Aquaculture

- Protection spray nozzles

- Water from purifiers

- Water-cooling steel

- Water sent to high pressure pumps (snowmaking equipment, irrigation, forgings, washing treatments)

- cutting emulsions

- adhesives

- oils

- Refining liquid substances (milk, cheese, chocolate, etc..).

Filtri Autopulenti EusprayFiltri Autopulenti Euspray

Technical development, in collaboration with our customers and the careful study of Euspray filters, minimizes maintenance and raised the level of quality and reliability at very high levels.

The benefits from use of Euspray’ self-cleaning filters are many, including:

- filter cleaning without interruption of the flushing due to purely mechanical system that uses counter-washing with clean water.

- economy-as the electricity demanded is very small and for chopard superfast replica watches periods of a few seconds / hour

- Very low polluted liquid waste

- Intrinsically-safe because no operator has to open or take action on the filter or come into contact with the liquid.

- Simple and low-maintenance.

The range of Euspray’ self-cleaning filters manages to cover capacities from a few m³ / h  to more than 1000 m³ / h with filtration degrees from 50 to 2000 microns with connections from DN 50 to DN 250. Special designs are also possible depending on the customer’s needs.
The range of self-cleaning filters is composed of smaller Euspray’ ALSF4 AP MFLP MF and LS at medium to large HF and HHF for high flow rates.

The particular geometry of the cartridges allows maximum performance with very low pressure: also the quality and effectiveness of cleaning is very high which reduces cleaning time and reduce the amount of contaminated liquid discharged.

It has been verified with our customers that the actual loss of flow in the few seconds of the cleaning cycle can be quantified to about 30% (note that the value can vary depending on the type of liquid, pressure,breitling replica watches etc..).

The cleaning cycle is run by dedicated control units that regulate optimally the rotation of the cleaning system and the expulsion of solid contaminants. The cleaning cartridge is purely mechanical and requires no further waste of clean water for washing: this makes the filter EUSPRAY ® very reliable and with low running costs.

The cleaning cycle is set in order to minimize the discharge of contaminated liquid and reduce in few seconds cleaning time, during which the flow to the load is slightly decreased in each case providing a correct flow in the system. 

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