Pneumatic Spray Gun PA6 small size

The pneumatic gun PA6 has been developed with the aim to achieve maximum reliability and at the same time to have very small size while having large free passages with connections from 1/8”

The small size of the gun allow to use it where space available is very reduced.

A careful study and rigorous testing, have enabled us to achieve high standards of quality and reliability.

Can be subjected to cycles very rapid (close to 200 beats per minute) for a very long time.

In addition, the gun PA6 is manually adjustable through a knurled nut that allows the reduction of the stroke of the needle valve (then get faster cycle times).

The reduction of the stroke of the needle can also be used to throttle the flow of the liquid: this is especially appreciated in cases where there is one need to have very low flow rates.

Another advantage of the choking of the race is the ability to adjust directly from the gun the liquid flow rate in the cases in which you do not have a pressure regulator of the liquid  on the installation.

The mechanical properties of PA6 spray gun, make it particularly suitable for spraying liquids with viscosity and density "difficult" (oil, acrylic adhesives, aqueous solutions, emulsions).

In fact you can use nozzles with wide passages, and reduce the flow rate through the choking of race and / or working properly on the on-off cycles.

In addition, the new needle shut-off is equipped with Teflon sealing that ensures a perfect replica

A careful study of the gun and the quality of construction materials, have allowed a significant saving in the consumption of compressed air at a pressure of on - off of only 1.5 bar is sufficient for driving optimal spray gun.

PA6 spray gun can be used with all set-up combinations present on EUSPRAY® catalogue.

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