Plastic products

Self cleaning filters

Filtration of clean water for washing and clarified extruded plastic.

The chemical water content in storage tanks containing plastic particles that clog the system with the time.

With the use of filters (both static and self-cleaning) there is less consumption of water, less waste of PVC pipes and increased productivity.

The self-cleaning filter is used successfully in companies manufacturer of raw material (granular).

The large volumes of water used for processing of the granular (for transportation and for some stage of processing) is constantly recycled and filtered by our self-cleaning filters providing low replenishment of fresh water and good quality of the granular product output.


For operations where are manufactured pipes or of plastic extrusions, temperature plays an important role in achieving the correct levels of quality.

The use of appropriately sized nozzles delivers consistent quality and good final product.

Nozzles for blowing are used for cleaning and cooling molds for plastics and elastomers as well as thermoforming.

The temperature changes in these cases can cause serious defects in the product.

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