Non-metallic mineral products

Cooling Towers

To spray the liquid in the towers for the treatment of exhaust gases are used full cone nozzles that offer exceptional quality - price.

Cement production
In the production of cement are used in which headers on which are installed flat jet nozzles.

The product is deposited on conveyor belts made of felt.

C7 type nozzles, installed on pipes, spray on the plastic pads to clean up the plot so that the product will then be filed without deposits that may impair the quality of the finished product.

Production of glass fiber

Are used automatic spray guns.

Spray guns spray liquid finely atomized in order to cool the rock wool.

They have a good distribution of the product and good economy with significant benefits in terms of production and final product quality.

Marble processing

In the final stages of the production of slabs of marble and other materials the large slabs of several m² of surface must be perfectly polished with brushes continually sprayed with water

This must be perfectly clean because the presence of small dust particles of marble (even a few tenths of mm) cause scratches on the treated surface.

The water should always be so new cause the recycled one presents solid particles in suspension.

The placement of a self-cleaning filter with an appropriate level of filtration, has solved the problem of the quality of the final product while also allowing the recycling of water.

Applications of this type were made both in Italy and abroad with excellent results. 


Self-cleaning filters

- Filtering recycling water of vibrating screens to separate the stones from the gravel after the excavation of the quarry.

The water to filter is sprayed from the nozzles that keep down the dust created from the same gravel that moves.

The water is then collected under the sieve and channeled into a tank with a booster pump that draws from the same tank (leaving the gravel and sand deposited in suspension).

Immediately after the pump is positioned our filter. The water that comes from the same return circle thanks to the nozzles.

The filter prevents clogging and wear of same nozzles.

- A-filter was put on the water supply of the town for protection (in case of landslide in ground water) of utilities.

The company that designed the facility chose to install our filter for its simplicity of installation and maintenance.

- A high-flow filter was installed on a drilling machine used for the construction of a tunnel (St. Gotthard). Cooling water and lubricating augers.

The water recirculates in the filter and filters the impurities.

- filtration operations are performed in the production of building materials for coatings (plaster) derived from processing of stones and marble.

The treated liquid has a very high density but with the correct supply pressure, and suitable measures of process guarantees an optimal end result.

- Self-cleaning filters (and in small applications) are used for filtering water used for washing vehicles wheels from quarry


In building are used nozzles (combination flat and full cone) for washing wheels of vehicles.

Cleaning heads are used for the washing of mixers. The strong vibrations and particularly demanding conditions of these applications require a special construction (different than standard) to ensure continuous operation without incurring a quick release and / or potential failures are possible with standard heads.

Flat jet nozzles are used in quarries in order to avoid dust formation during processing by the passage of vehicles.

Special nozzles (hydraulic sprayers) are installed on dust abatement guns used during the demolition of buildings or at work that cause the formation of large quantities of dust.

For the same application but for smaller jobs are possible special spray heads of a few high pressure hydraulic sprayer nozzles.

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