Leather shoes

Pneumatic spray guns PAA3 with self clearing nozzle

The nozzles used to spray solutions of silicone inside the two shells forming the ski boots. There is an automatic machine that opens the two cavities, by the command to the spray, close the two cavities and injects the plastic product.
Also used for gluing uppers, soles, heels etc..

Advantages: automatic spray and optimal atomization (reduced consumption)

Pneumatic atomizing series E1 - E3 with manual cleaning nozzle

Tannery machines: nebulizated spray inside of the drums while skin is tanned.


In companies working skins were used nozzles with flat spray jet on installed showers.

These are placed in a machine which runs in the skin (similar to the application in paper production) for cleaning the tape on which runs during its production.

Flat jet nozzles are also used for cleaning disc filters.


Detailed application: the nozzles are mounted on the machines for the uppers to blow before processing

Advantages and / or solved Problems :

less air consumption.


Static filters are used for filtration of glues used for shoe production

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