Food Processing Industry

Our aim is to find solution for all kinds of food processors!

  • Meat packers
  • Beverage processors
  • Bakeries
  • Can manufacturers
  • Application in all companies involved with the food industry
In many food processing processes use spray technology. Normally Spray technology is usually the preferred solution for food plants that have extensive cleaning and sanitation requirements .

Experience in food processing and the industry's most extensive wide range product give us the possibility to improve quality of plants, increase operating efficiency and reduce waste.

Bottle and can wasing

1. Can coating

In can coating and cleaning quality is very important. Incorrect clean or incomplete coating cause costly quality control problems and cost. Our aim is also to find solutions that are able to ensure quality and help reduce coating material costs, reduce maintenance time also improving the interval between nozzle replacement .Serious but simple example is our special coating treatment that is able to improve wear resistance till 30 times compared with standard SS316 .

Our nozzles with coating in surface ad high wear have a right definitive spray. This allow to dose on the product the right quantity of material of coating, reducing waste and consequently costs.

Special tip nozzles can be made in according to Customer request in according to their need.

2. Can and bottle washing and rinsing.

Each area of each bottle and container can be properly washed and rinsed. It 'important to assess, in accordance with the specific dimensions, the right nozzle to be used for optimal coverage. The spray must actually penetrate the container and this application must be made by a precise angle of spray nozzles.

Using our treated nozzles is reduced maintenance because it is not necessary attend so often for the replacement as in the case with conventional nozzles.

For these applications are generally used narrow full cone nozzles that are used for washing bottles prior to sanitation: the nozzle is placed to two- three mm from the entrance of the bottle, and the same is held slightly tilted (30 °).
The full cone of the nozzle has a good supply of liquid, and with a narrow angle in order to best carry out the application.
Used to spray a disinfectant before the sterilization treatment mineral water bottles, atomizers tires allow you to carry out all sterilization miles as possible.

Similar applications have been adopted by manufacturers of packaging machinery fruit juice and yogurt using pneumatic sprayers controlled by solenoid valves controlled by a PLC machine.

3. low-Off and Dry can an bottle

Water must be removed from the domes of empty cans between washer stages without disturbing the cans using our air nozzles that guarantee e uniform and perfect impact with a reduced noisy and e reduced consumption of air compressor without negatively impacting process effectiveness. All drops , also the smallest ones, can be dried . Air nozzles are also used for removing excess liquid is often critical in many packaging applications.

For drying under crown cap areas are also used Paxton systems specially designed for this type of work.

Paxton systems are used at the largest industries in the packaging of soft drinks in bottles (drying area crown cap) and canned to dry the area under the first team and operations to screen applications.

Food coating;
Chocolate , egg, sugar solutions , colours and other have to be spray on products. Reduce waste in coating could be made reducing the precision of spray. Our spray nozzles improve efficiency and unsure product quality, increase production, and reduce maintenance cost.

1. PA Automatic Spray Guns
  • PA1 spray gun can reduce overspray and coating use
  • PA1 produce in Derlin 500 with SS303 nozzles or SS316 nozzles made for special application in food industry
  • PA1-RA spray gun modular for reaching the right solution suitable for your plant
  • PA1-CR spray gun are made to spray viscous liquid (with heated chamber)
  • PA2 with hydraulic nozzles .No air needed for having small drops !
  • PA3 compact spray gun connection 1/8” for compact plants
  • PA3-P ideal for application where space is tight
  • PA4 compact spray gun for hydraulic nozzles . Connection 1/8” ; no air ; small drops size !!
  • PA5 spray gun are made to improve cycling for faster conveyor speeds . Light and fast !

2. PAA Automatic Spray Guns with clean-out needle

  • PAA1self cleaning spray gun can reduce overspray and coating use.
  • PAA3 compact and self cleaning spray gun ; connection 1/8” for compact plants.

Pasteurizing, Cooling and Washing
n food industry processes typically are used standard flat spray nozzles for washing , cooling as well as standard hallow and full cone nozzles are using for cooling and pasteurization processes . Please find below different.

1. Flat spray nozzles
  • Need nozzles for washing fruits and vegetables ? Our flat spray MC3 flat spray nozzles is ideal for your operation
  • Need to reduce maintenance cost and improve your production ? Our special coating flat spray nozzles MC are ideal for your aim , they may be used at low as well as high pressure nozzles.
  • Are you searching for precision and low flow rate nozzles with flat spray pattern? MC2 nozzles are your right choice.

Widely used in all sectors in recent years have had a very high use on large systems of automatic production of sausages.
Their use combined to that of full cone nozzles, allows you to make fully automatic cleaning of production lines.

As well as their use is very consistent on automatic washing systems used for handling cases of meat, vegetables, fruit etc .

2. Full cone Nozzles
  • Precision full cone spray B1
  • Wide full cone nozzle B2
  • Square full cone and large drop sixe made with B3 and B4 series
  • Suitable for use in all food plant processing
  • No clogging full cone nozzles are studied by our technical department

3. Hollow cone nozzles
  • Hollow cone spray pattern with uniform distribution for heating and cooling bottles during pasteurization process to Reduce you maintenance in your pasteurization plant using our coating hallow cone nozzles

PA automatic guns are available in a wide range of spray and flow rate. They are made of stainless steel 303 and 316, as well as nickel plated brass. PA automatic guns have been developed for easy and quick installation. Carefully designed to reduce waste. Automatic guns are used in various applications such as:

  • Apply thin layers of chemicals on meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, desserts, etc.
  • Maintaining moisture in storage room
  • Maintaining moisture in production
  • Spray in food preparation like chocolate, jam.....
  • Applying adhesive for label
  • Sanitizing and sterilizing bottles
  • Blow-off and drying
  • Food packaging
  • Equipment and all apllication were you need a fine atomizing
  • Bakery products before packaging
  • To put products in tanks
Pa Series Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles
  • Efficient humidification is achieved by using very fine droplets that evaporate. The PA is able to produce very fine droplets at low pressure
  • Special seals on needle stop the flow of liquid so quickly and completely
  • The operation of opening / closing is ensured by an internal chamber
  • The version with plastic + steel 303 is particularly suitable for food processing
  • Compact versions are also available with the extension for use in tight areas and small
  • Available version in Alloy for special applications

Flat jet application in food industry

For solution of cleaning requirements MC3 flat jet nozzles are widely used made in SS316 and SS303 . Special material are also available.

Flat jet MC3 are used for cleaning conveyor . They are available with medium and high capacity for washing and rising. High impact nozzles HP are also available to provide high impact as well as MC3 flat nozzles with narrow angle.

They are available with solid stream for higher performance.

Spiral full cone nozzle B9, available also in hollow cone, guarantee a complete coverage of cleaning, prevent locking problems.

A special treatment made in accordance of food industry rules guarantee a bigger wear and cut maintenance costs.

Full cone application in food industry

  • To prevent product discoloration after packaging BB full cone nozzles are frequently mounted over tanks

  • In warming processes to prevent condensation after filling A1 hollow cone nozzles are widely used.

Tank washing
Fixed or rotating tank washing all made in SS316 with thread and steel locking pin to prevent contamination. Available in variety of spray patterns, coverage, materials connections.

Hydraulic Atomizers
For refresh operations in the livestock sector in the cultivation of vegetables are widely used hydraulic atomizing nozzles that will produce optimal conditions with significant benefits in terms of productivity.

For this sector are available in several models in different sizes to suit all needs.

The operating principle is equal for all models: the liquid from entering the filter cartridge with the degree of filtration chosen, the impurities are deducted, so the filtered liquid can be sent to consumers.
Equipped with power control through them govern when, how and groom through the rotation of a tree with scrapers different depending on the type of application.

The cartridges are degrees of filtration by a maximum of 2,000 microns (a request) until a minimum of 50 microns.
Are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316, with manual or automatic valves for any System of filter element, very important when particles suspended in fluid filter has a strong power of cohesion and can create deposits or post responses to 'Outer cartridge.

The self-cleaning filters used in the agro food and bottling are used:

-In applications where-nozzles are used for washing and / or treatment using filters to filter the liquid that feeds the spray nozzles within the tubes of steam.
The introduction of filter prevents clogging of steam nozzles and pollution.

-In bottling companies where the filtration of the wash water bottles for the removal of dirt from various labels and paper. The water recycling allows huge savings.

-on line cleaning beer kegs, metal, where there will be large quantities of shredded paper, sand pebbles due to the fact that often stationed in the open after being used.

-Water treatment plants to process before de-mineralization and softening before pasteurization.
The filters are applied before the plant of de-mineralization, and then allow for a pre-filtering, preserving filters and wrapped in nylon resins are normally present in the plant and placed on different individual users. The application of these filters allows considerable savings in both resin plant de-mineralization, and reverse osmosis membranes.

-Filter positioned to protect the nozzles located on the pasteurizer that recycles water from the basin below.

-Filter used for recycling water that comes from the washing of drums containing milk in dairy farms (sediment waste of cheese and other compounds that are created in the process).

-For use on the protection of food machines.

-The filters are used in factories that produces sugar to filter water that then end up in contact with foodstuffs.

-To protect from clogging the nozzles mounted on them for cooling poultry plants: with a few static filters safeguard hundreds of nozzles.

-For filtering of incoming water from the water supply that will be used in the food machine (dairy).

-For water filtration from the autoclave to defrost frozen food before processing (fish). The water is sprayed with full cone and falling on the bottom of it is recycled by filtering it with self-cleaning filter.

-To protect the nozzles of pasteurization using water from wells. The use of filters and to improve the quality of water used decreases the wear of the nozzles that erode so important because of the sand in the water. 

-Filtration of chocolate to be used to work at other companies: this eliminates impurities and removes unwanted lumps of chocolate to the end user.

In the same area were included self-cleaning filters to smooth the chocolate used to produce the final finished product..

These filters rotate continuously and is timed just drain valve to discharge the impurities in the filter.

Special designs are possible with ammunition inspection, special seals, special connections to suit individual customer requirements.

-Similar filters are used in the processing of cheese products for the production of cheese slices or loaves.

Drying Systems

For best drying results especially in the packaging of vegetables, PAXTON systems are products that provide greater assurance of effectiveness, economy and reliability, currently on the world market.

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