In wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment sludge are used in different types of nozzles depending on the consistency of the sludge, the foam formed on the surface of the water and process fluids.

Usually are used full cone nozzles which break down as well as foams give some oxygen to the water even if there were applications with hollow cone nozzles and on the perimeter of the tanks, flat jet nozzles.

Organic agents are often added for proper water treatment.

Also in the area for onward processing organic waste to produce compost for fertilizer use in agriculture are used in traditional full cone nozzles or spiral nozzles, to maintain the proper humidity of the product to be continuously supported and maintained in "rotation " under the spray.

Even in companies where there are high amounts of sludge and waste water solutions have been proposed similar solutions to those described above.

Solutions for dust suppression have been suggested to our clients.

In companies for selection and processing waste were given solutions which can reduce dust, eliminate miasma, enter the chemical cycle for entire systems: from input to output.

Also for outdoor for various companies were given solutions to avoid dust formation during the passage of vehicles without soak and with low water consumption.

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