Nozzles of our production are used for different application such as:

Inside the screens for washing of aggregates before the separation. They are used in these cases, flat spray nozzles for medium capacity to have a good impact at the stage of washing.

Spraying of bitumen on the road before the phase of tarring: this allows a better grip on the tar road surface.

Are produced also spray nozzles at drawing with features like our MC3 to guarantee a better distribution depending from washing conditions.

In quarries are often used full cone spray nozzles to wash gravel that is parked for a few minutes under the nozzles.

The wide full cone nozzles are used for gravel washing in order to better cover the surface distributing the jet in a better way.

In cement plant, during loading operations, there is a strong presence of dust: the use of hydraulic atomizers can break down the dust without wetting the product.

Spraying protection liquids before glass processing (grinding and polishing).


The clamps installed on the pipe host with the flat spray nozzles to apply the liquid on the surface to be treated or to spray washing water.

The shape of the bands makes it very easy to install them (just making a hole in the pipe).

The use of rings with quick coupling allows the orientation of the nozzle still in the right place.



Automatic guns are used for spraying in releasing funds in accordance to the formation of cement tiles, inside elastomer molds.

The product allows reuse of the mold release agent and posting adjusted undercut.

The atomization achieved (usually with more guns depending on the size of the mold) is smooth.

The spray guns are used for both the release (oil) on the molds that products for finishing.

Guns do not clog even in the presence of liquid very dense and easy to solidification.

The atomizers are also used to spray oil into the silicon mold where the concrete is poured to make the tile.

The atomizing nozzles goes to lubricate the wheels during the grinding of glass, a very particular application as other manufacturers of similar machines using conventional nozzles consume more liquid.

The guns are also installed on machines for ceramic: our guns are used to spray a protective product on the tiles before shipment.


Our static filters (in their various sizes and with different degrees of filtration) are used to protect the pumps that push water to wash the glass that washes the glass to fall (water curtain). In many cases, the water comes from wells of which content of dirt can be important.


Filters are used to protect the pumps of recycling water which wash the marble slabs before the grinding, so have some savings on time and on the costs of maintenance to the pump components.

Filter for quarry: need to filter the water that is sent to vibrating screens for washing gravel.

Filters installed on production lines, fiber-cement roofing: in fact the same paper-making machine is very similar. The filter in question protects the nozzles from clogging up the existing sprinkler pipes already installed.

Jolly Tank

Spray system for fabric clinging: the liquid is kept under pressure with a 9-liter tank and sent to the automatic guns that at certain times of spray this gripping for subsequent processing cycles.

TaifuJet series nozzles

They are used in the production of ceramic to spray air in order to remove dust from surfaces before the enameling.

It is possible to use PAXTON systems to perform the dust removal and cleaning with big benefits of reducing energy consumption.

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